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Yahya H. Mirza

Aclectic Systems Inc
Yahya H. Mirza’s original background was aeronautical engineering, specializing in hypersonic aircraft design and scramjet propulsion. Yahya was initially employed by Battelle Research Labs. His experience at NASA Ames in 1989 simulating the hypersonic aerodynamics of Waveriders on the Cray-YMP, brought him to an important realization. A clear need exists for integrated software tools that enables creative exploration, utilizing a combination of procedural techniques, physical simulation and domain specific languages. To pursue this direction, through his first start-up in 1991, Yahya initiated a cooperative research and development agreement with Wright Patterson Air Force Base. This experience was followed by three years as a visiting researcher in the UIUC Smalltalk Research Group. Through his follow on start-up attempts, Yahya has worked on system software or 3D simulation / graphics based application software projects for Spatial Technologies, Microsoft, CatDaddy Games, Source Dynamics, Pixar Animation Studios, Small Machines Inc. and Xilinx. Yahya’s interest in feature film production is motivated by his life-long passion for the creative process which he pursues through his original acoustic guitar and piano compositions.