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Ihab Abu Hilal

The Levanters
Levanters Group is one of the top groups in the region in providing professional services in the fields of Information Technology/Language Services/Research & Studies/Education and Training.

The Levanters is well aware of and experienced in all aspects of IT, Linguistic Services in addition to various kinds of research/studies and training. We recognize the need to systematically develop Arab generations in order to build a solid future. The Levanters is meeting this challenge by providing highly experienced specialists who anticipate technical and social trends and evaluate alternatives to determine the most creative solutions for both present and future challenges.

The Levanters has acquired an outstanding record of success among its clients, which include important agencies, international and Pan-Arab governmental funding NGOs, as well as leading companies in banking, industry, insurance and commerce. We have successfully assisted these clients with complex business and management decisions involving people, equipment, facilities and capital.

We have the sufficient experience in the region, our team is always prompt and ready with high professional experience.